COVID-19 has changed the status quo drastically – transportation came to a standstill, businesses have to limit operations, people were confined to their homes. The Philippines, especially, experienced region-wide lockdowns, with cities putting strict quarantine measures in place.

Amidst all the unprecedented events brought upon by the pandemic, the digital landscape became abuzz with activity. Online selling became the means for people to buy what they need – with pasabuys becoming a common term for online grocery shopping. This led to a rise in ecommerce in the Philippines, which, in turn, created the need to continuously be present online.

But, do businesses need digital marketing after COVID-19? Short answer: yes.

Here are the reasons to support that:                                                                                             

1. Digital consumption is on an upward trend.

A big shift in marketing is how more customers are attuned to their devices than physical media, such as billboards or print materials. In the Philippines, there’s a spike in WiFi usage across the country as a result of lockdowns. This is unlikely to change even in a post-COVID world.

Digital consumption will continue to grow, with Filipinos having more time to use their smartphones and other devices to stay connected. The new normal has reinforced the need for brands to stay in the digital space, lest they want to miss opportunities of engaging their customers.

2. You need as many eyes as possible to your brand.

Many businesses are quick to pull the plug from their marketing initiatives in the hopes of maintain cash reserves and allocating resources to stay afloat. But if you’re not marketing your business now, you’ll have a lot of catching up to do later on.

Digital marketing services in the Philippines offer the key to staying relevant across all channels. It’s unlikely for events and other traditional forms of marketing to be the same as they did before. Even if a post-COVID world allows businesses to operate with the usual events and gatherings, these are likely to have precautions in place and may only give way to a smaller audience.

The only way to get as many eyeballs as possible to your brand is through digital marketing.

3. Businesses can be more agile with their marketing efforts.

One thing we’ve learned from the global situation is businesses need to be flexible with their marketing initiatives. They need to be agile in how they execute marketing campaigns. The digital landscape provides that.

SEO Philippines

For businesses that are recovering from the economic impact brought by a pandemic, the digital landscape offers them with organic visibility minus the hefty price that comes with advertising. Businesses can use SEO services to build awareness around their brands and drive traffic that can turn into customers. The great thing about this is SEO offers room for adjustments. If your previous month’s performance is lacking, you can experiment with a different approach until you’ve gotten enough online traction.

Are You Ready to Be on Digital?

At the end of the day, businesses that have embraced the digital transformation are the winners. Because – let’s face it – pandemic or not, the digital landscape offers brands with the means to stay in front and center of their customers on any device at any moment.

If you’re ready to stay on the digital landscape, we’ll help you get there.