TikTok is considered one of the most influential social media platforms in the world at the moment. It boasts a total of 1.1 billion active users all over the globe and is showing no sign of stopping.

What’s more impressive about this video-sharing platform is that it managed to hook in this much human resource in just half a decade. The platform first emerged in 2016 and immediately gained traction for its unique format, which affords virality to anyone and just about anything. 

This unique disposition is what allowed TikTok to flourish at an astounding pace and connect to billions of people in just a short amount of time. Due to this, all sorts of corporations have started taking notice of TikTok’s potential, especially in the field of marketing.

The situation is no different when it comes to digital marketing in the Philippines. Brands and businesses are starting to jump onboard the TikTok train, aiming to take full advantage of its diverse audience and the instant fame it can offer. 

However, although it’s easier to gain attention on TikTok, there’s still a process to these things, especially when it comes to the content you’ll be putting out. 

Don’t worry though because that’s where we come in. Here, we’ll walk you through the hows of creating effective marketing content on TikTok. So, keep scrolling!

  1. Think About What Your Audience Wants

To gain success in TikTok, it’s paramount that you know your audience to a tee. It’s through knowing your demographic that you’ll be able to provide content that they’ll be interested in. 

If you’re able to accomplish that, your page will garner more engagement and your videos more views organically. 

Another advantage to creating content that your audience can relate to is that TikTok’s algorithm will show it to more people, specifically those who share the same likes and traits. 

This way you’ll raise your brand’s awareness even further and garner more meaningful followers, who are more likely to avail of the product or service you offer.

  1. Entertain Queries on Your Page

Besides providing information about your service or brand on your TikTok page, you can also create content on questions that your followers want answers to, specifically around your business. 

Answering customer questions is a brilliant way to engage with your community. Aside from this, it will also make your brand appear more relatable. 

Through this, you’ll gain the trust of your followers, which increases the chance of them buying from you. 

  1. Make Your Content Entertaining and Interactive

As you probably know by now, TikTok is a platform most popular for content that’s entertaining as well as interactive. It’s those two facets that allowed the network to grow its user base in just a few years. 

On that note, you must always produce content with those two factors in mind. Don’t just directly ask your followers to buy your product, make them want to buy it.

A good way of doing this is by participating in challenges or creating your—where followers can join and chime in. 

You not only gain more viewers and potential consumers by doing this but you also appear more approachable. 

  1. Feature User-Generated Content

Another way to engage and develop rapport with your target audience and potential customers is by featuring user-generated content (UGC). UGC refers to any form of content—be it images, videos, text, and audio—that’s been posted and created by online users. 

However, don’t just feature content randomly, focus on those created by your page’s followers, especially those that have your product in them. It could be a review, a suggestion, or a video recommending your service or item. 

  1. Partner with Influencers

To further connect with your target audience, you can also try partnering with influencers. While finding the right ally comes easy on TikTok due to its huge influencer population, you also have to put care in picking the right one. 

You should always consider the influencer’s following, particularly the demographic. If it fits with the kind of consumers your brand wants to attract, then you can go ahead without worrying. 

It’s also important to consider the type of content the influencer produces as it should jive well with the kind of service or product you offer. 

This way, you won’t appear as capitalizing on popularity rather you’ll be viewed as a brand that pays importance to the opinions of individuals with knowledge about the field your product belongs to. 

What To Do Now

Now that you have an idea of the type of content and marketing TikTok requires, you’re probably thinking of immediately creating an account for your brand. While that’s understandable, it’s something we don’t recommend.

We suggest you go more in-depth into the type of service that you provide, you can do this by following and observing brands that are similar to you on TikTok. 

However, the best strategy would be to consult experts, specifically social media management agencies in the Philippines. This way, you won’t have to waste time conducting trial and error.

By making use of their expertise, you’ll be able to develop a strategy unique to your brand and one that will surely deliver results. 

But of course, this alone is not enough. If you’re truly working towards creating a splash online, you also have to supplement social media with search engine optimization techniques. 

SEO will help you increase your overall website visitors, which could translate well into sales. And similar to social media agencies, there’s no shortage of SEO services in the Philippines. So, you’d have an easier time looking for a partner that will suit your needs.