Bella Jaeger

Bella Jaeger started as a freelance Social Media Marketing Manager back in 2015 when she also became Brand Manager of Shop Servandos, an online start up one stop shop for swim wear and beach accessories. She helped build the brand’s image from ground up including creating the brand’s digital presence on all their social media platforms, handling and organising it’s monthly pop ups and nationwide events, seeding and managing fit influencers and celebrities and taking lead of the sales team as well.

In 2017, she began working as Account Manager for a social media company that develops online strategies and campaigns, Active Social, which also works side by side with online influencers & celebrities to help grow and boost a brand’s presence. She was on top of accounts like that of Nissan Philippines, Glow Skin Clinic, Greenfield Development Corporation, AirAsia Philippines, Meralco, Heineiken, M&M’s and more! In between, she became Marketing Manager of Mews, a hip bar and restaurant in Makati and took over the whole social media management and event curation from ground up. Bella recently earned her certificate from the CIIT Philippines-College of Arts and Technology, graduating from a short course in Digital Marketing. She was also asked to help out part time as Brand Manager of one of the biggest rising stars in the Philippines, Yassi Pressman. Now, Bella is setting up her own start up social media management company, New Age Digital, and has invested as well in spearheading the Talent Management department of Active Social.

Melanie Chang

Melanie Chang graduated from the College of Saint Benilde with a degree in Multimedia Arts. Being a multimedia artist she has a wide set of skills which she has used through out her career as a Graphic Artist.

She has worked for multiple clients such as WWF Philippines, SIFCARE PH,, Ocean Care Movement and more during her freelance days. Under Hinge Inquirer Publications, she was first in the marketing department working for Scout Mag and eventually shifted to the editorial department where in she handled all 4 brands (Northern Living, Southern Living, Forbes and F&B Report Magazines). Layouting the magazines, designing social media posts, art direction and shooting content for the various brands.

Her past work experiences has given her the professionalism and proper work ethicas as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photographer. She is now focusing on her freelance projects, rebranding POUND x Flatterie restaurants and making online graphics for various brands.

Erika Hocson

Erika Hocson took up Integrated Marketing & Communications in UA&P and graduated back in 2011. Fresh from college, she first took a job in an advertising company. After that, she took some time working in Sales for Real Estate to gain more experience in a somewhat different industry. Realising that digital marketing was the path she wanted to pursue, Erika joined The Luxe Resort in 2014 – an online retail store (then owned) by Maggie Wilson-Consunji. Simultaneously, she started her own swimsuit brand, Sirena Swimwear, with her friend Sam Pinto and ended up being the brand’s own marketing manager as well.

After The Luxe Resort, she moved to The Red Crab Group wherein she handled digital marketing for a variety of restaurants such as The Red Crab Alimango House, GEN Korean BBQ, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, Pier at Clawdaddy’s, and Murray’s New Orleans. Moving forward to 2019, she also handles the social media accounts of Lady Scott Jones, Rustan’s Flower Shop, Gourmet Garage and her brand new clothing line (still with Sam) called Finn by SP. Now, she is setting up a social media management company, New Age Digital, while running her own retail brands.