Let’s ask you a question.. Have you been able to read the first sentence in this article? No? It’s because of its size and font. That’s why typography has always been a crucial component of everything! From our phones, televisions, books, food restaurants, websites, blogs on the internet, and even logos! There is typography all around us. We simply overlook its significance, but trust us when we say that whenever you plan to expand your business or take it online, specifically on a website, this will be your biggest asset!

Did you know that a person’s choice of typography can convey a variety of emotions, environments, and even trends?

In this article, we’ll lift the lid on everything you need to know about typography. Keep reading this article!

What is Typography?

Typography is the art of placing letters and text so that the reader can easily read, understand, and find the content visually pleasing. It involves typeface appearance, style, and structure, with the goal of evoking particular feelings and communicating particular messages. In other words, typography makes the text more vivid.

Why is typography important?

Typography is an essential part of user interface design and involves much more than just selecting lovely fonts. Strong visual hierarchy, graphic balance, and the overall tone of the product can all be achieved with good typography. It should offer a great user experience, enhance readability and accessibility, and guide and enlighten your users.

For businesses, this is what typography can do for your brand:

It builds brand recognition.

Good typography will not only give your website more personality, but it will also cause your viewers to subconsciously start associating the typeface you use with your business. You may develop a loyal user base, earn people’s trust, and promote your brand by using a unique, consistent font.

It influences decision-making.

The way that consumers understand and interpret the information contained in the text is significantly influenced by the typography. Strong fonts that support the text’s theme are far more persuasive than weaker types.

It holds the attention of the readers.

The difference between a visitor staying on your website for a minute or a half-hour could be due to typography. Your website needs to be visually appealing and memorable, and it is crucial to achieving these goals.

How do you choose the right typeface for your website?

Let’s speak about choosing typefaces for your interface now that we are aware of what typography is and what its components are. Much more work goes into selecting a font for your website than you might think. It is easy to become daunted by the variety of fonts and typefaces available. Making the right decision involves much more than just looking at what is attractive.

Here are a few crucial things to remember:

Think about personality.

What emotions do you want visitors to your website to have when they first arrive? Do you wish to create a welcoming environment? Do you want the website to have an upscale, friendly, fun, or serious vibe? The typography must accurately convey the brand’s or product’s personality. When faced with this difficulty, defining your brand’s fundamental characteristics and beginning to collect typefaces that reflect these characteristics are good places to start. From there, a trend can start to emerge.

Reflect on tone

You need to consider how the typeface complements the message’s tone. For instance, use a less ornamental or styled typeface that is easily readable and will reduce distraction if you want to express serious or significant information.

Now that you know the important role of typography in everything, especially in your business, let us help you choose the right type for you! NAD’s expertise to the rescue! Contact us now!