Search Engine Optimization (SEO) recently has been one of the most effective aspects in digital marketing for businesses. It is considered fundamental in digital marketing, as there are at least a trillion google searches per year conducted by millions of users all over the world.

And because of these current statistics, SEO has become vital for many businesses in increasing visibility. Many have become more creative in making their site rank higher. This makes competition tougher. This leads some businesses to overspend their marketing budget when they can get affordable SEO services in the Philippines that offer quality strategic plan and content just the same, if not more.

Before you dive into strategies, you need to know which tools to include in your arsenal. Find out which ones would work the best and learn how to maximize them to your advantage.

Google Analytics

Considered to be one of the most useful tools, Google Analytics provides the necessary information on which marketing tactics are the most efficient in driving organic traffic, sales conversions, and lead generation. It also shows the number of visitors on your website, which aspects make them stay or which content they prefer, and many more.

With Google Analytics, you can dive into consumer behavior, which makes it easier to determine areas needing improvement on your site. Best thing about this tool is it’s free.

Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools Re-birthed)

This is Google’s own version of a free SEO tool. This provides insights on the overall performance of your website. This include showing alerts and warnings about which areas of your website has errors and anything that prevents a smooth user experience.

This free platform is also generous enough to provide analytical data that can be crucial to improving your marketing tactics, such as the website’s rankings with a particular keyword or the number of clicks it gets.

Google My Business

Another SEO tool from Google’s extensive collection is Google My Business. Before, businesses with Google+ accounts as well as individuals were observed to rank higher and more likely to clinch top spots in the search results. In 2014, Google modified this feature formally, and created Google My Business.

Businesses gain a lot of benefits by having a GMB profile, not only for SEO, but also for your customers. With a Google My Business profile, customers can easily see important information such as contact details, location of a physical store integrated with Google Maps, and many more.

Rank Ranger

For tracking keyword rankings, Rank Ranger is an efficient SEO tool to use. This specific tool provides an index that measures the changes in Google’s search engine results page (SERP). It also shows information of your standing in the local rankings on the map results.

Rank Ranger also provides updates on ranking trends. This allows you to adjust your strategy based on the fluctuations of your ranking and work on areas to boost your site’s performance.

Moz Local

This tool is particularly helpful in auditing citations real-time. Citations simply refers to the basic information of your business, including name, address, and phone number and the number of times they are mentioned in a different website. These citations are often present in business review directories or sites such as Yelp or its alternative sites like FourSquare or Tripadvisor.

Moz Local offers a feature that helps you get to know the consistency of your citations in these directories. It sends alerts if any of your citations have been changed or edited. This also helps in pointing out if false information is shown in other sources related to your business. It’s also an efficient tool in finding out if there are listings that have been duplicated, which may cause the decrease of the website’s ranking on search results.


One of the most reliable tools in the realm of SEO is SEMRush. This tool provides you with an all-in-one package for doing website audits, keyword research, and backlinks analysis. It has an organic performance feature that allows you to check what keywords competitors are ranking for, the quality of their links, and their current rankings.

The search algorithms will continue to evolve and as they do, more tools will emerge for businesses to use to survive the tough and competitive world of digital marketing. Learn how to use each tool as leverage for your business and develop more comprehensive SEO strategies.

It’s never too late to start ranking.