Trude Lizares

Trude Lizares is known for its sleek, simple but undeniably appealing clothing made for confident, modern women. The brand stays true to its vision of making fashion more than just aesthetics, but a lifestyle. Using indigenous and natural fabric, Trude Lizares sets itself apart with its handmade pieces that capture the real beauty of every woman.

Social Media Management


Digital Ads Campaign & Creatives

 The challenge for Trude Lizares was to revamp its social media presence and attract more sales and followers by retargeting past and new customers and focusing on its niche. New Age Digital owned that challenge and gave Trude Lizares the spotlight it deserves.

We began by establishing its brand identity and making it more in tune with the vision and advocacy of the founders. We gave more life to the brand by creating more video content, illustrations, photo collages, launching monthly newsletters, and shooting their new collection with public figure, Lauren Reid. We grew their followers both on Facebook and Instagram since we took over the account last January 2021, and increased their online engagement by 288%.








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