It’s time to be digital. 

With the COVID pandemic putting businesses at a standstill, businesses and customers alike have no other option but to take their transactions online. This led to a ramp-up in the eCommerce market, providing both part-time entrepreneurs and full-blown online retailers more digital real estate. 

The opportunity is out there. Your customers are searching for businesses like yours. The competition is making their move. However, the question remains: Are you taking the right steps to be where your brand needs to be? 

That’s what New Age Digital aims to address with our newly-launched channel – NAD TV. 

We’re Continuously Evolving – and We Want the Same for Businesses

Like other brands, New Age Digital started from very humble beginnings and was born out of a passion for everything digital. 

Erika and Bella – both driven individuals with backgrounds in brand building, social media management, and creative production – came together with an idea of helping brands position themselves in the digital landscape. They took the mantle of being digital advocates, providing businesses with the platform to stay in front of their customers. 

New Age Digital started gaining momentum and providing brands left and right with the leverage to stay present online. These efforts are a testament to our continuous effort in bringing businesses – including our own – a step closer to digital transformation. 

Digital Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is free for all. It’s a matter of how you’re going to use that knowledge as part of your strategy. That’s the beauty of being on digital and learning the ins and outs of digital marketing

NAD TV’s New Age Digi-series provides insights and inspiration to empower brands in reaching their potential online. By sharing our experiences, marketing tips, and even tutorials on all things digital, NAD TV aims to be the go-to channel for businesses and individuals looking to expand their digital knowledge. 

We aim to provide a channel that covers various topics – search engine optimization, social media management, or even putting up your own vlog and being an influencer. Plus, you can stay tuned for collaborations with other experts who were able to build their own brand. 

Anything under the sun that will help brands elevate their positions online—we’re here to give you the knowledge that can put you a step ahead of the competition and keep you top-of-mind for your audience. 

Hustle and Achieve Success at Your Own Pace

Starting your own business isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Our story is much like the same as every other startup in the Philippines. 

But that doesn’t mean success needs to happen overnight. That’s the reason we came up with NAD TV – to motivate and give inspiration for those who want to build their business from the ground up. 

It doesn’t matter if you started out small; what matters is you planted the seed to get your business going. Don’t worry—New Age Digital is here to make sure you have your digital bases covered. 

Ready to take the spotlight? Subscribe to our channel now and tune in to our New Age Digi-series!