2020 was a challenging year for everyone, even more so for startups and small businesses. But, one thing remains clear – it’s important to be digitally present.

With contactless service becoming the new normal, one of your strongest weapons is staying visible on wherever your customers are. Be it on Facebook, Instagram, or on Google, how customers visible you are makes you a winner in this digital age.

And that’s our cue.  

The NAD Crew ready to give back

The NAD crew is ready to give businesses their well-deserved spotlight this 2021, get started on their online presence, and pave the way for a more successful year.

This month, we’ll be launching our #NADGivesBack campaign to show businesses what it means to be in front and center of today’s digital-savvy customers.

One lucky small or medium-sized business will get a FREE photography + videography services done by our talented team. Our #NADGivesBack campaign is open to business within Metro Manila catering to any industry.

To join, simply follow these steps:

1. Like our Facebook page and share our #NADGivesBack campaign post. Your post must be set to public. 
2. In the caption, tell us about your story and why you deserve to be our winner.

This is your chance to showcase the best of your brand with strategies and creatives delivered by our innovative, fun, and passionate team.

We’re excited to hear about your story, share our creative fuel, and build the foundation for your digital success. Join our campaign today!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at hello@newagedigital.ph.