Here’s some exciting news coming your way!

Last month, NAD launched its first ever #NADGivesBack campaign as a way to help small to medium-sized businesses reconnect with their audience in today’s digital world. 

We’ve chosen one lucky business that will get free photography and videography services. Now the time has come to announce them…drum roll, please! 

The winner for #NADGivesBack is DAMM KITCHEN, a food business offering home-cooked Ilocano meals made with tender loving care – YUM!!!

Bringing Life to DAMM KITCHEN

DAMM KITCHEN’s story is one that reflects the struggle of many individuals and businesses alike amidst the pandemic – one of overcoming obstacles and hard work. As breadwinners, Richelle Palattao Miguel, owner of DAMM KITCHEN, and her brother decided to set up their business so they have means to continue supporting the family. 

“Nag-set up ‘yung ang aming subdivision ng way para di na lumabas yung mga elders because no means of transportation and all. So nag-start ‘yun April. Pero di kame agad ng join kase ano lang  kame, super support lang as a buyer.”

‘Yun lang I have a childhood friend. Favorite niya kasi yung Dinakdakan ng Daddy ko. It’s an Ilocano Sisig. So sabe nya, ate sali kayo don. 

So parang, dahil ‘di ba nagkaroon ng emergent face-to-face transition classes to online distance learning, so naapektuhan ‘yung school bus na lahat ng naipon ko before, doon na.. So we need to transition.”

(Our subdivision set up a way for elders so they don’t need to go out of their homes because there was no means of transportation. That initiative started last April. We didn’t join immediately and were only providing support as a buyer.  

I have a childhood friend who loves eating Dinakdakan cooked by my father. It’s the Ilocano version of sisig. My friend urged me to join the initiative.

Because of the emergent face-to-face transition classes to online distance learning, it affected our previous livelihood – the school bus, which I poured most of my savings into. That’s when we decided that we need to transition, as well). 

Delicious Meals, Anyone?  

Richelle gives us a glimpse of the products they’re offering at DAMM KITCHEN. 

“‘Yung ino-offer namin Ms. Erica and Ms. Bella is home-cooked Ilocano Meals — Dinakdakan and Dinardaraan, which is Ilocano Dinuguan. And Igado, mga ganon. 

Since nago-offer lang kame ng product[s] namin on a weekend basis, nag-isip ako ng way para may weekdays din kame. so we tried to resell artisan breads. 

Nakita ko yung post ng college friend ko. Yung proft kasi ‘nun naghe-help sila sa mga orphanages ng Paranaque. So naisip ko, sige try ko rin mag re-sell. 

So ayun, until now naman, nakakapag-resell pa ako ng bread nila.”

(We offer home-cooked Ilocano Meals, such as Dinakdakan and Dinardaraan, the Ilocano version of Dinuguan. We also have Igado. 

But because our products are only offered during the weekends, I looked for an alternative to make sure we’re also selling during the weekdays. We then started reselling artisan breads.

This came as an idea when I saw my college friend’s post. The profit for that goes to orphanages in Paranaque, so I decided to get some of their products to help my friend and resell. Until now, we’re still reselling their bread as part of our menu.)

The Challenges of Running a Business 

Like any other small business in the metro, DAMM KITCHEN has their share of challenges, especially during these trying times. 

“Ine-explore ko pa kung ig-go ba talaga kasi nagkaroon ng decline sa sales. So parang ‘di ko pa talaga alam kung babalik na sa work. Kasi it’s a weekend. Tapos ngayon parang made to order. 

The other day kasi, we were featured sa Go Negosyo. And then today, eto ulit. Inisip ko, i-try lang naten.” 

(I’m still exploring my options – whether I’ll continue this or not – because there was a decline in sales. Also, the uncertainty of whether we’ll be going back to work because it was only during weekends. Now, products are made to order. 

We were also featured in Go Negosyo the other day. Now, we have this. So, I just thought that we should just go ahead with the business.)

Hope for the Future

Despite the current situation, the people behind DAMM KITCHEN still looks at the positive side of things. 

“So at least shoot for the stars, baka eventually… [mag-succeed]” 

Of course, the entire NAD team is here to help them and other businesses like DAMM KITCHEN propel their brand toward success with our creatives and digital marketing services

Bella shares the team’s enthusiasm to start the project with DAMM KITCHEN. “We’re super excited to be helping a brand like Damm Kitchen. This is something different because it’s very close to our hearts. And that day we talked to Richelle, we felt a whirlwind of emotions.” 

“And now more than ever, we want to help small businesses thrive while encouraging them not to give up on themselves despite all the challenges brought by the current Covid19 pandemic,” Erica adds.

Both Bella and Erica, as partners-in-crime in building NAD from the ground up, hope to continue inspiring businesses, “Here at NAD, we know how it feels to start small and get hit by various challenges that the previous year had thrown at us.”

Therefore, we want to be an inspiration to struggling small business owners and let them know that there is always hope especially if you believe in your values and work hard for them.”

Exciting things are coming from NAD’s social media overhaul of! Stay tuned!

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