Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for businesses trying to penetrate the digital world—there, we said it. After all, it accommodates and is the go-to social media network for one of the biggest spenders online—the youth. 


If used the right way, Instagram could be what your business needs to achieve success online. However, it’s not enough that you sign up for it and subscribe to its paid advertising offerings. You also need to use other strategies to supplement this, specifically Instagram search engine optimization (SEO). 


What is Instagram SEO?


Instagram SEO helps you gain more exposure on Instagram through the use of keywords in hashtags, captions, alt text, and more—that makes you more visible to your target audience. 


To be more specific, it makes you more search-friendly, helps you connect with your desired consumers online, and assists in growing your community through strategically placed words or text. 


When done correctly, it will boost your Instagram page’s reach, engagement, and most importantly, your discoverability. This will make you relevant and present more than ever, particularly to people that matter most to your brand.


Using Instagram SEO to Increase your Discoverability 


If you’re someone or a brand who’s happened upon this just now, you’re probably asking yourself the question, “How?” Luckily for you, we’re well-versed in the subject. 


In observance of the great tradition of online camaraderie, we’ll be providing you with a couple of answers to satisfy your curiosity. (P.S. these are proven and tested by social media management agencies in the Philippines, so you can’t go wrong with these!)


Check them out below!


  • Incorporate Keywords in Your Captions


Not so long ago, users were only able to search for hashtags, location tags, usernames, and profile names through Instagram Explore, but now people are allowed to do more than that. Instagram has recently updated the feature, enabling users to search for content through keywords. Think of it as something similar to a Google search—you type in a word and then a bunch of content will pop up. 


While some of the results are from account names, usernames, and bios, the majority of search results on Instagram Explore are sourced from keywords written in captions. This means that incorporating the right keywords into your post captions will play an important role in your page appearing in the Explore Page. And as we all know, the Explore Page is where all eyes are at!


  • Optimize Your Profile / Social Media Page


If you want your page or profile to pop up whenever people search for a topic or something specific on Instagram, then you should definitely optimize it to include the proper keywords. 


You can incorporate these keywords into your profile in a variety of ways. The first is to include it into your name or username—both of which are easily searchable on Instagram. The second is to input it into your business page’s name field—this technique will work better for businesses who have longer names or want to rank using longer keywords or phrases. And the third is to put it in your bio field


Including relevant, popular keywords in your profile will make you appear on top of search results and will definitely contribute to increased followers and foot traffic. 


  • Use Keywords for Your #Hashtags


This 2022, hashtags will remain one of the best ways to get noticed or discovered on Instagram. After all, it enables you to appear on different results pages, at the same time, it allows for targeting your audience/s.


That’s why instead of using whatever comes to mind for your posts’ hashtags, you should definitely make it a habit to use keywords that are relevant to the content you release, the keyword you want to rank in, and the business that you have. 


Using the appropriate hashtags will help get your profile the exposure and connections it wants and needs. And since users utilize hashtags with the intent of discovering new things, it’ll be a smart move on your part to give it enough attention and develop a proper strategy for it. 


  • Make Use of Alt Text for Your Photos


Although still a fairly new feature, alternative text caption is becoming the next big thing in Instagram SEO. If you’re still not familiar with it, we’re here to enlighten you. 


Alternative text or Alt Text allows you to add more detailed descriptions to the photos you post on Instagram. It was originally used for users who are visually impaired but has become a great way to improve a page’s discoverability on the platform. 


As with your post captions, you can include a handful of keywords and hashtags in this text space that you want to use to increase your chances of being found on Instagram. 


  • Be Consistent


Of course, to really get the results that you want, you must dedicate time and effort to ensure that you’re always applying Instagram SEO tactics to your activities on the platform. After all, the process of getting noticed and building your community is not something you can achieve overnight or in just a few sessions. 


With that said, it’s important that you keep at it and work steadily towards your goals. And surely, you’ll see the fruits of your labors. 


Always remember: Being consistent with your strategy is key to a successful social media or digital marketing campaign.