Most brands and businesses have chosen to amplify their efforts into their digital marketing campaigns by taking advantage of social media’s global influence to expand their. These efforts include allocating enough budget to their digital marketing campaigns, like looking for affordable SEO services in the Philippines, while analyzing and making use of different strategies to maximize the benefits of social media.

Social media offers businesses with an effective way to spread brand awareness. Different social media platforms have algorithms that are continuously evolving. As such, businesses need to constantly keep up with these sudden changes to make sure their strategies remain effective.

One of the social media platforms capable of reaching millions all over the world and considered to be the most popular social media network globally is Facebook. According to research, it is the first social media site to reach 1 billion registered users worldwide, with nearly 2 billion monthly active users.

Here are a few ways to get your brand visible in front of this enormous Facebook audience and learn to expand your reach through creating organic content.

Increase Reach through Facebook Ads

Businesses are already aware of the types of content that they need to create on Facebook to capture their target audience (Facebook lives, videos, blogs, photos, and many more.)

Creating quality content is already something that businesses often put a lot of effort into. However, what they fail to do is allocate a small ad spend to their content to reach more people. Brand awareness ads on Facebook is often overlooked by businesses yet is one of the most effective strategies. In fact, you only need at least 5% of your overall budget for your brand awareness campaign.

For instance, a business did a live video and reached its target audience with at least 2,000 views in 2 days. However, the views and the engagements stop in the succeeding days. By allocating an ad budget for this video content, a business can get more views.  

Not only does this help increase reach, but this also allows clients to target custom audience among new viewers. In turn, this creates opportunities for conversions.

Another good thing about spending on brand awareness for a Facebook ad is how Facebook’s algorithms can start to pick up on your content. Facebook will recognize that your content has reach and can produce high engagements.

Create High-Quality Brand Awareness Content to Promote

facebook ads

The type of content that you will publish for brand awareness should always be of high-quality. Keep in mind that brand awareness content is your first step at interacting with your audience and potential consumers. Your content should address the needs or problems of your customers.

For example, stick to what your business can offer. This will give your audience an idea of what you’re selling and increase the chances of having potential buyers.

Another advantage when you run an ad for these types of content is that they have the potential to reach new groups of people. You only need to publish at least four pieces of content a month for these ads.

One More Thing: Define Your Target Audience

As Facebook has a massive audience, it’s import for businesses to first establish who they’re targeting. One feature in the platform that can help you determine your ideal customers is through the audience interests. You can see information from the pages they follow and sift your target audience from there. This makes it easier to create custom audiences from the group of people who have engaged and interacted with the content you published.

There’s a lot to uncover in the social media landscape, especially now that it has become ingrained in the everyday lives of today’s customers. We’ll help you come up with the right social media strategy for your brand – let’s talk!