The cosmetics industry has grown tremendously in the last decade, and one of the sectors that propelled this dramatic growth is skincare. 

Skincare is the largest contributor under the beauty and personal care umbrella, making up 39 percent of the overall global market, and the demand for products under it is only growing. 

One of the countries at the forefront of this booming industry is the Philippines. In 2019, the archipelago’s skincare market was valued at US$975 million (PHP 50.9 billion) and forecasts suggest that it will grow to US$1.3 billion (PHP 70.5 billion) by 2024. 

The steady development has led to a surge in skincare businesses and brands in the Philippines. And although this outcome is generally favorable, it made it more challenging for new brands to emerge, find their audience, and make a name for themselves.



About The Client

This cramped atmosphere was the dilemma that a budding skincare brand—focused on transforming skincare through high-quality ingredients and technology—encountered before its launch in September 2020.

The Challenges

With the oversaturation of the industry, the company found it difficult to navigate digital marketing in the Philippines, which raised the following challenges: 

  • Growing recall for the brand and its products. 
  • Increasing the brand’s following on social media (Instagram and Facebook). 
  • Cultivating website traffic and improving conversion. 

However, with New Age Digital, one of the best when it comes to social media management in the Philippines, this newbie brand was able to overcome these adversities. And here’s how we did it.



With online platforms becoming Filipinos’ prime avenue for shopping, it’s important for brands to establish themselves digitally. For those in the skincare line category, it’s no different.

Hence, we organized our objectives for this campaign to reflect the brand’s need to increase its online presence, specifically for its website and social media pages.

  • Build hype around the brand before its launch. 
  • Generate likes, follows, and grow interaction on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Increase website traffic to drive sales.



Diversification of Ad Campaigns

For a brand, business, or enterprise that’s about to launch, it’s paramount to make people notice. 

Through the employment of varied digital ad campaignson Facebook and Instagramwe were able to expand the brand’s reach, especially with potential customers.

We utilized the A/B Test Targeting tactic for this, which helped us analyze the type of ads people click and relate to the most.

Creation of Unique and Relatable Content

One of the foundations of a successful online skincare brand is its social media page, to be more accurate, the content within it. Content plays a big role because it serves as the face of your business and acts as an information hub for your products and services. 

On that note, we made it a point to emphasize the brand’s products. And we executed this by making use of both video and photo content—tailor-made to complement the brand’s unique aesthetic.

Redirecting Clicks to Website and E-commerce Platforms

The main goal of digital campaigns and online branding is to gain website traction and encourage sales. That’s something we always kept in mind during our three-month partnership with this particular brand.

Through our use of digital ad campaigns with higher CTR (Clickthrough Rate), we were able to drive more people to visit the brand’s website and e-commerce pagesthereby encouraging an increase in product sales. 


By combining all these strategies continuously for three months (July 2020 to October 2020), we were able to:


  • Reach 623,576 individuals on Instagram.
  • Reach 239,911 individuals on Facebook.
  • Boost engagement rate on Facebook and Instagram posts by 38 percent. 
  • Drive 80,000 link clicks to their website and e-commerce pages, which significantly improved sales.
  • Improve the brand’s CTR by 4.28 percent, a big leap from the industry standard of only 1.16 percent. 


Although social media is a big factor in being recognized online, especially for upcoming skincare brands, it’s important to note that it can only do so much. 

From our experience, it’s better to use this strategy in conjunction with other tools, particularly search engine optimization (SEO). SEO will significantly improve the quality and quantity of traffic you get on your site, which will boost product sales even further. 

Looking for the right partner to fit your brand won’t be hard as SEO services in the Philippines have been popping up one after another—due largely to the country’s rising e-commerce market. 

By continuously building their social media presence, we give Trude Lizares the extra boost to drive more customers and grow their business.