If you’re thinking of a way to bolster your business’s customers and influence in the country, then it’ll be a must for you to invest in online promotional activities or digital marketing in the Philippines


As we all know, the Philippines is one of the most dominant internet users, specifically on social media platforms. Currently, there are already 92.05 million Filipinos who use social networks to communicate and more daily. This population is expected to inflate even more in the coming years as more and more are choosing to go digital for many of their activities, including shopping, working, selling, and more. 


Among the many popular social media channels present in the country, Facebook sits at the top. Launched in 2006 across the world wide web, Mark Zuckerberg’s network remains the most used in the Philippines with a whopping 83.5 million users. 


For these—obvious— reasons, the social media platform is considered by top social media management agencies in the Philippines to be one of the most effective ways of marketing your brand and the solutions (products or services) that it offers online, particularly through ads.


Are you already one of those who are taking advantage of the opportunities that Facebook Ads provide? If yes is your answer, you’re already on the right track. However, if you aren’t getting results, then you should probably stay and read up since we’ll be listing down the best Facebook Ad strategies you need to try out this 2022.


Make your ads more personalized using audience targeting.


Since Facebook has been in the online marketing scene for a long time now, it has one of the most powerful targeting options. It provides brands and businesses the ability to target audiences on a more specific level compared to other social media platforms.


This feature will come especially handy if you’re lacking when it comes to existing customer data. The platform’s Core Audience function will allow you to narrow down your target audience through these criteria:


  • Location – Target specific countries, cities, communities, zip codes, and more.  
  • Demographics – Choose the gender, age, nationality, education, job, income, relationship status, and more of the audience you want to reach.
  • Interests – Narrow down your audience through their hobbies and the things that they find enjoyable to spend time on. 
  • Connections – This parameter enables you to target people based on their connection to your brand thru Facebook. For example, they’ve visited your page before, liked it, or are currently following you.
  • Behavior – This criterion allows you to target an audience based on their online activity—device usage, network speed, buying habits, and more. 


Use Facebook’s Custom Audience feature.


Want to convert more people into your consumers? Then, try Facebook Custom Audience. This feature allows you to connect with people who’ve been in contact with your brand on Facebook—they’ve engaged with your posts, subscribed to your email list, bought from your shop, and more.


All you have to do is feed Facebook with the customer data that you already have (or have collected over the years) and it will do the rest for you. It will find users that closely resemble your existing consumers— based on the data you provided—and connect with you with them. After that, Facebook will create a group of these people and will allow you to interact with them through ads and campaigns.


There are currently four audience groups that you can create based on the information that you’ll be providing to the platform: 


  • Website Audience – This group will be composed of people who’ve visited your website accompanied by their information.
  • Customer List Audience – Users from this group are derived from your customer list or spreadsheet, which Facebook will match to its user base to find similar individuals. 
  • Engagement Audience – This group is comprised of Facebook users that have engaged with your brand through the platform— content, ads, viewed your Page, followed your Profile, watched a video, and more. 
  • App Activity Audience – This group is made up of people who’ve used, engaged, or interacted with your business’s app.


Create Lookalike Audiences.


To further increase your reach on Facebook after creating Custom Audiences, what you need to do is to generate a Lookalike Audience. 


Lookalike Audiences are groups of people that are similar to your audience groups. These groups are created by Facebook based on your existing Custom Audience. And since you already know them to a certain extent, specifically what they like and their preferences, you’ll be able to use proven, effective marketing materials for them (specifically those that work for your Custom Audiences).


Retarget your visitors.


Another excellent way to get more people to engage, visit, know, follow your Facebook page, and more importantly buy from you, is to retarget visitors to your social media channel.


This strategy is best used when you want to improve already existing relationships with users who’ve linked up with your brand online:


  • Interacted with your brand’s Facebook page. 
  • Visited your website.
  • Added your products to the cart.
  • Viewed your website and spent some time on it. 
  • Proceeded to the checkout page of your online shop.
  • Visited your product page. 


Observe your competition.


When you venture into digital marketing, you have to be aware of your competition. After all, you’re not the only one selling a solution—there are many businesses out there and some might offer the same as you. For that reason, you always have to be conscious of your competitors—what they’re up to and what they’re doing. This is especially true for marketing online. 


Through Facebook, you can do this without breaking a sweat. The platform introduced its Ad Library feature back in 2019, which is a repository of all the current and past ads run by any advertiser on the platform. You can use it to review the ads your competitors ran and gain insight on what you need to step up in your campaigns or just use it to compare your strategy. 




As we all know, the internet is never constant. A lot of things may change in a minute, especially when it comes to the digital marketing industry. What may be trending now may not be after a short while. That’s why you should always invest time and effort in studying and preparing for your campaigns on Facebook—or other social media platforms for that matter. 


While Facebook can automate a lot of things when it comes to your promotional activities, its success is still dependent on you and your ad strategies. Always make it a point to regularly optimize and update your online marketing plan. After all, that’s what will give you the success and result that you want. 


To liven up your Facebook ad strategy, give the strategies we’ve listed above a go!


Note: Also, don’t forget to ramp up other aspects of your overall digital strategy, particularly your SEO (search engine optimization). SEO will help you rank higher on Google’s Search Results Page wherever users search for keywords that are relevant to your brand. SEO services in the Philippines are abundant so if you need help you won’t have a hard time finding one that will suit your needs.