For years now, Facebook has proven that it’s one of the most effective platforms for digital marketing in the Philippines


Of course, one of the reasons is its massive audience, which now numbers 83.85 million in the Philippines alone. And as we all know, people are a resource that all businesses require to succeed. But besides that, what makes Facebook a great platform for online promotional activities is the marketing features and tools that it brings to the table—aimed at helping brands, marketers, and social media management agencies in the Philippines reach, stay in touch, connect and engage with more people and the marketplace. You know, generate leads to improve brands’ sales and increase consumer numbers. 


What are Leads?


To put it simply, leads in marketing refer to an individual, entity, or organization that has come into contact or interacted with your brand, through your marketing efforts, and has the potential to become a customer. 


They’re people who’ve shown an interest in what your business has to offer, specifically its products or services, and took a corresponding action to confirm that interest—by filling out a form from your website, clicking on one of your ads on Facebook, leaving a comment on your post, messaging your business page, and more. 


The Importance of Generating Leads


Lead generation is essential for any business—whether online or not. After all, it’s what attracts people to your brand and its offerings. Without the people, there’ll be no customer base and sales will not happen. And without those two, a business will be unable to flourish and grow. 


By investing time, effort, and resources into lead generation, you’ll be able to make sure that your brand does not spiral into nothing. The flow of people, sales, and engagement will not stop—giving you the opportunity to earn, gain influence, improve brand awareness, visibility, credibility, trust, and more. 


Generating Leads on Facebook: What You Need to Do


But the question is, how exactly do you generate leads using Facebook? (Fortunately, you don’t have to spend too much time thinking because we’ll be answering that question below!)


Here’s what you’ll need to do: 


  1. Opt for videos in your campaigns.


While visual marketing materials are still effective nowadays, people react more towards promotional assets that are interactive—like videos. Think about Facebook Reels, Instagram Stories, and TikTok videos, which are all the rave at present. 


People want something that can immediately capture their attention and provide whatever they need to know in a short span of time—and videos have the ability to give them that while also providing entertainment value. 


Also, Facebook’s algorithm also prefers videos over images. Videos on the platform enjoy 135% more organic traffic compared to their static counterparts. 


A tip to keep in mind: If you have to choose between a text and an image, always choose the image. Meanwhile, it’s always better to use a video instead of an image.


  1. Get your landing page right. 


Your landing page is one of the most crucial parts of your campaign. This is where you redirect the leads you’ve generated through your marketing efforts and activities. It will determine whether they go through or not with their intent to purchase from your business. 


To keep those potential customers interested you need to create a landing page that matches the message of your ads. Of course, it has to be pleasing to the eye and should contain details about your offering or products down to the tee. Make it as detailed as possible! 


It’s also important that you put measures in place to collect relevant lead information from your would-be customers. That way, you’ll have a way to contact them again. 


  1. Make appealing offers.


Of course, to get the interest of the people that you want to attract, you also have to provide an offer that they’ll want to take—discounts, sales, giveaways, and more. Take the time to study what will click with them and their preferences. 


What we recommend is to observe what your competitors are doing and find something that resonates well with your shared audience. Then, apply that to your own ads or campaigns.


  1. Use Facebook Groups.


If you haven’t heard of Facebook Groups, it’s practically the equivalent of online Forum sites and Discussion Boards. Here like-minded individuals, who share similar interests, gather and engage in healthy conversations. 


This feature is a very useful tool in generating leads and kickstarting conversations around your brand and the solutions that it offers (products and services). Create one to gather all the people that have a shared liking of your business and what it does (your target audience) and make communicating with them easier, specifically when it comes to important announcements or deals.


Apart from that, you can also use it to get a feel of your customer base’s perception of your brand—allowing you to better understand what you need to address in your product or marketing efforts. 


Through it, you’ll also be able to quickly get on top of concerns that your consumers might have about your offerings. 




Generating leads on Facebook, one of the most-used social media and marketing platforms in the world, is essential if you truly want to expand your business on the internet, specifically its influence, awareness, engagement, and conversions. 


Not only does it provide a massive audience reach but exceptional marketing features that will make your promotional efforts a lot easier. However, you must remember that the success of your marketing plan will rely on you and you alone, specifically your strategy. 


Always make sure that you’re up-to-date with the latest and most effective ad strategies that there are. Keep an eye out for trends and implement them into your digital ad campaigns. That way you stay relevant and don’t fade out. 


Extra Tip: To further bolster your lead generation, invest in search engine optimization (SEO). This strategy will help you rank up on Google’s Search Result Page, which will mean more clicks, interaction, and visits to your website or landing pages. SEO services in the Philippines are abundant, just look for the right one and see the difference it will make!