New Age Digital

We started with a vision of making the digital landscape our playground and helping brands be the center of their customers’ attention. From our shared passion and drive for all things digital, creative, and trendy, New Age Digital came to be.

We’re your digital marketing experts, social media gurus, and branding advocates. We’re the team providing the backbone for your online presence. We take your challenges in stride and turn them into opportunities with game-changing, out-of-the-box ideas. We’re always after results that matter to your business.

Our ideas, your success – are you ready for your digital transformation?

Bella Jaeger-Lacson

loves a good tiktok video but don’t ask her to dance

Erika Hocson
Vice President

communicates via memes and gifs

Anton Lacson
Chief Financial Officer

reports to the office prepared for any campaign pitch and a quick b-ball game

Anya Benedicto
Graphic Artist


also known as MangRayRay (don’t ask)

Content Writer

call him Mr. Wordplay

Keiko Zorrilla
Digital Content Manager Official

Content Kween

Web Developer

< speaks in code />

Sammy Magsino 
Content Manager

Christina Diamante
Ads Specialist


b*#<! better have my money!

Bryan Alzona
Content Marketing/ Community Management

Vaina Bago
Graphic Artist

Michelle King Robles
Graphic Artist Intern

Daniel Daquiz
Graphic Artist Intern