To compete with other businesses present nowadays, there’s a need for brands to expand their marketing efforts to the online world and its communities. After all, it’s where consumers gather. 

As of April 2022, over 5 billion people worldwide—63% of the Earth’s total human population—are internet users. And that number is expected to go even higher with experts predicting a 2 billion increase by 2030. That’s a whopping 7 billion people!

However, while it’s true that the world wide web offers an almost unlimited number of consumers that you can potentially turn into your customers, you’re also faced with a big problem. “How do I know what they like?” This question applies especially to your digital marketing strategy since the backbone of an effective one lies in knowing what your audience likes. 

This is where A/B Testing comes to the rescue. 


What is A/B Testing? 

A/B Testing, also known as split testing or bucket testing, is a method that pits two versions of the same digital marketing asset against each other to determine which one the audience prefers. It could be used on content, a product, a webpage, emails, digital ads, and other marketing collateral.

The result of the test helps marketers and brands derive consumer preferences, specifically when it comes to interface, design, and the direction of copies. 

This method of testing is used extensively by brands and marketers participating in digital marketing in the Philippines, a country that’s at the forefront of the transition to online promotions. Of course, social media management agencies in the Philippines are no exception. 


Why is it Important? 

Regularly conducting A/B Testing is a habit that businesses, brands, and marketers should have. Not only will it help you better understand the tastes and likes of your consumer base but it will also keep you updated on what works and what doesn’t. And as we all know, keeping yourself up-to-date is important if you’re dealing with activities on the internet seeing as it’s a fast-paced environment that doesn’t stay the same for long. 


What are the Benefits of A/B Testing?

Besides allowing businesses and marketers to know what consumers like, A/B Testing offers many more benefits. Let’s explore them below:


  • Streamlines Content Creation


As we mentioned earlier in the article, A/B Testing helps you understand better what type of content your audience wants to see—form, copy direction, and design included. By knowing all of this, your content creation process will become more efficient. In a sense, it gives you a format or formula that you can use or follow as a base for producing content. 

Since you do not have to guess users’ likes and tastes, you’ll be able to come up with content that will satisfy them from the get-go. This allows you to save time and uncomplicates your overall process. 


  • Grows User Engagement


Of course, when you know what your target audience wants to see from you, the quality of engagement that your assets will receive goes up and your number also grows. 

This is because A/B Testing allows you to make more informed decisions when it comes to your promotional materials online by providing you with information on the inclinations of your target consumers or community. 


  • Increases Conversions


When you’ve improved the quality of content that you produce for your target audience, your conversions will naturally improve. After all, you create with the preferences of your ideal consumers in mind, which you derived using the A/B Testing method. 

With that said, your digital marketing materials will catch the eye of your prospective users, leading to more clicks and leads.


  • Reduces Bounce Rates


Bounce rates are considered an online marketer’s archenemy. After all, the higher it is, then the less effective your digital marketing ad or asset is. It also means that you’ve failed to persuade users who’ve seen your ad or campaign, making them leave or bounce instead of staying and buying. 

With A/B Testing though, you won’t have to suffer from that. With it, you’ll be able to produce content that your audience will relate to. And when that happens, your bounce rates will drop dramatically and users will be more likely to click on your assets and buy what you have to offer them. 



A/B Testing is a great tool that will help you understand your target audience. However, to take full advantage of its merits, you have to make it a permanent part of your digital marketing strategy and consistently employ it. After all, people’s tastes change all the time—what your community or audience likes now may change anytime without any warning whatsoever. 


Additional Tips: 


  • If you’re having a hard time creating content and digital assets for your brand’s online campaigns, the best thing you can do is connect with a creative agency in the Philippines. For sure, they’ll be able to craft assets and materials that will cater to your preferences and will reflect what your brand represents. 


  • Meanwhile, if search engine optimization (SEO) is what you’re having trouble with, it’s best to seek help from the experts. SEO services in the Philippines are abundant since many brands in the country have transitioned online—meaning you won’t have difficulty finding one that will suit your needs. 


  • For your website needs, we also advise going to the right people, specifically web developers. Website development in the Philippines is a booming industry, which means you won’t have a problem finding one to help you out with your concerns. 


  • If you’re new and having difficulties with your branding, look for help from a branding agency in the Philippines. Since the country is at the forefront of businesses transitioning to digital, there’s bound to be a company that’ll be able to help you out.