Facebook is one of the most in-demand social media platforms in the world. It’s considered to be the biggest social network, with a staggering 2.85 billion active monthly users.

And its biggest user base exists in – none other than – Asia. In the region, the Philippines is the fourth when it comes to the highest number of Facebook users. The archipelago has 62 million users of the social networking site, which is almost equal to the number of internet users it has.  

That’s the main reason why digital marketing in the Philippines is booming. Many business owners and enterprises – big and small – are jumping onto the platform to make use of the many opportunities Facebook offers, specifically when it comes to audience reach. 

Even Facebook acknowledged its role in this marketing opportunity, specifically when it introduced the feature Facebook Audiences in 2013. 

Through it, Facebook has made it easier for entrepreneurs to connect and target people who’ll be interested in their service or product, specifically through targeted advertisements. 

It can even take note of past customers! It’s just that great! 

If you’re interested in making use of this marketing tool to boost your reach and audience interaction, here are three guaranteed ways to do it!

  1. Create a Custom Audience

First and foremost, Facebook Custom Audience is a tool that allows (you) businesses and enterprises to target Facebook ads to a specific group of people – ones that have already interacted with your page or brand. 

It affords users the ability to directly market to these audiences by way of targeted advertisements or campaigns. So, instead of relying on luck or broad demographics such as age or gender to target your ads, you may use data from your website, app, offline lists, or Facebook itself to do so.

It will give you the ability to perform the following with considerable ease: 

  • Redirect ads to users who have interacted with one of your Facebook posts.
  • Create ads for specific segments of your audience.
  • Invite customers to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons to generate more revenue.

To create one, all you need to do is go to the Audiences section of your Facebook Ads Manager. 

Here is the list of sources you can use as a basis to create a Custom Audience: 

  • Website Traffic – Audience from your website. 
  • Customer File – Audience from your existing customer information. You’ll need to upload it in .CSV or .TXT format.
  • App Activity – An audience of people who launched your app or game, or who took a specific action while using it, such as purchasing an item.
  • Offline Activity – An audience of people who have interacted with your business in-store, over the phone, or via other offline channels.
  • Video – People who’ve watched one of your videos on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Instagram Business Profile – An audience of people who’ve visited or interacted with your profile or ad on Instagram.
  • Lead Form – People who’ve opened or completed a form in one of your lead generation ads on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Facebook Page – An audience of people who’ve opened your Instant Experience on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Instant Experience – People who follow or have interacted with your Page.
  1. Create a Lookalike Audience

If you’ve already set up a Custom Audience profile, you can then begin creating a Lookalike Audience list. 

A Lookalike Audience profile is a targeting tool that makes use of your Custom Audience list as a basis to reach more people, particularly those who share the same interests. 

When you create one, Facebook finds users who have similar attributes to the people who are in that base custom audience. This, then, brings more traffic to your page, which could potentially result in higher interactions and sales.

By using this, you’re making full use of Facebook’s available data on its users, who you need for your business. But take note, the information provided by Facebook will be anonymized. 

  1. Use it to Know More about Your Audience

If you’re looking to learn more about your customers and your audience, you can also use Facebook Audience! 

All you have to do is access the Audience Insights option. Through this tool, you can dig deeper into your custom audience. 

Under it, you can access information on Demographics, Page Likes, Location, Activity, Household, and Purchase. Through this, you’ll be able to create better-targeted ad campaigns, which will cater to the needs, wants, and interests of your existing customers.

It’ll also pave the way for you to scale your business by allowing you to target potential customers with similar characteristics. 

Now, if all of these still seem pretty difficult to grasp for you, you can opt to hire a management service to handle all of your social media accounts, a move that won’t cost you much. 

There is no shortage of social media management agencies in the Philippines, so, finding the right fit for your business should be easy. 

It’s also important to note that, although this will help your brand reach more consumers, it’s not an all-around solution to establish an effective business on the digital market. 

To fully make use of the benefits Facebook Audience has, you also have to make use of other strategies, in particular Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will help you improve your website’s visibility on search engines, which will generate more visits and interactions. 

Nowadays, there’s an abundance of SEO services in the Philippines, which will readily offer you their expertise – with little to no risks but high returns.